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Workers training

Rigger training – Level 2: Complex and advanced rigging

Rigger training – Level 2: Complex and advanced rigging

Learning objectives:

  • Get familiar with working procedures and techniques, equipment and rigging accessories;
  • Get familiar different legislations applicable to riggers;
  • Learn the rigger’s roles, responsibilities and obligations;
  • Identify dangers;
  • Inspect components of a daily inspection;
  • Learn advanced and complex rigging techniques to ensure conformity and security;
  • Perform calculation notes to establish a work method.

Prerequisite: Rigger training – Level 1
Duration: 1 day (Theory)

Note: An engineering report on the working procedures & techniques as well as methods and techniques intended for the identification, control and elimination of risks to the safety or health of the workers is included, if confirmed beforehand – 3 hours allocated.